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At present we are over-reliant on dwindling fossil fuel reserves and are still busy chopping down forests at an alarming rate.
Hemp is a sustainable alternative and also one of the most effective convertors of CO2 to oxygen – cleaning the air, improving the
soil and helping to fight global warming.
Currently the majority of clothes and design fabrics are made from cotton. The major global fibre crop, it is also the most
environmentally harmful, using 25% of the world’s pesticides. As pests have become more resistant to these chemicals, larger
quantities are required, poisoning both land and water. Hemp, by comparison, needs little or no insecticides or herbicides and
produces three times as much fibre, making it more environmentally friendly.

Apart from living in a healthier environment, using hemp is beneficial to the individual in many ways. Hemp fibers are porous so
they allow your skin to breathe, whilst also being softer, stronger and more durable than cotton.