Machine Ice Cream Cone Maker

A concise depiction of frozen treat machine available to be purchased
1. Programmed grouting, the machine will consequently turn on when the egg rolls are experienced, outfitted with a programmed enlistment roll framework.
2. The indoor regulator embraces advanced show high temperature, and the thickened plate is high temperature safe.
3. The size and thickness of the egg roll can be changed, and the shade of the egg roll is uniform.
4. Can make egg rolls with various examples in stripes, squares and level molds. It very well may be utilized to make a wide range of multigrain egg rolls, corn/millet/dark rice/sorghum/purple potato/red bean/sesame/banana egg rolls and flapjacks.
Boundaries of the frozen treat machine available to be purchased
Model GS-9
Voltage 220v/380v
Power 14.5kw
Shape 9
Limit 550-1200pcs/h
Aspect 1600*1600*1250mm
Weight 700kg
Shape material Hardened steel