Gillette Fusion5 Men’s Razor Blade

Gillette?s 5-blade closeness at an affordable price. Engineered with antifriction blades for up to 20 shaves per blade refill. Precision trimmer for hard-to-reach places and styling facial hair. Up to 8 months of shaves per pack. Soft microfins gently stretch and smooth skin to prepare hairs for a close shave. Razor blade refills fit ProGlide, ProShield, and Fusion razor handles.The Gillette Fusion5 men’s razor blades features 5 antifriction blades for a close and long lasting shave. The blades are spaced closely together for incredible comfort with a precision trimmer on the back for hard-to-reach places and for styling facial hair. Gillette Fusion5 razor blade refills fit all Gillette Fusion5 razors.