Cultured Unsalted Butter

Organic Valley, Organic Cultured Unsalted Butter brings the creamy tang of cultured butter to your dinner table or baked goods. Organic Valley’s buttermakers add a special blend of cultures to organic sweet cream from pasture-raised cows and then churn it to make this organic unsalted butter. The result is a creamy yet complex flavor that the whole family can enjoy. Packaged in 1/4-pound butter sticks for convenient use, this butter is unsalted, making it ideal for nearly any recipe. Culturing gives this pasture raised butter a tangier taste than uncultured butter, adding more flavor to your family’s favorite foods. Place a pat of this Organic Valley butter on hot biscuits, drizzle it over seafood, or cream it into a batch of sugar cookie dough. Always organic, our cultured butter is made without antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMOs, so all you taste is deliciousness straight from the farm. Each unsalted butter stick is individually wrapped in our special ButterLock parchment to preserve the velvety, cultured flavor for up to four months in the refrigerator or freeze them for up to a year. That way, you can have this organic unsalted butter fresh and ready to go for your next recipe.